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Is a Dog Sitter Responsible for a Dog Bite in NY

More and more New Yorkers are relying on pet sitters and apps like Rover, Wag, Care, Fetch, PetSitters, and Trusted House Sitters. Unfortunately with the rise of dog sitters there has been a corresponding rise in dog bite cases coming into our office. Animals are often more skittish and aggressive with dog walkers rather than their owners. Dog sitters and dog walkers are often less attuned to the body language and predisposition of an animal thus leading to a rise in dog bites. A simple google search show’s that Rover dog sitters are encountering this issue.

The Law Office of Jason Tenenbaum has over 77 years of experience helping New York Dog Bite victims injury victims. If the Dog Bite occurred under the care of the dog sitter it’s crucial to know that the sitter might be held accountable due to any negligence leading to the bite.

Establishing Dog Sitter Responsibility after a Dog Bite in NY

After suffering a dog bite, victims can be uncertain about their next steps. If the dog was under the care of a sitter at the time the dog bite, the sitter could be held responsible for any injuries due to negligence.

For a successful injury claim against a dog sitter, one needs to:

  1. Demonstrate that the sitter had a duty to keep you safe.
  2. Prove that they did not uphold this responsibility.
  3. Link their negligence to the occurrence of the dog bite.
  4. Prove that you incurred damages as a result.

Seeking legal guidance can be beneficial in navigating these points. An attorney can help gather the necessary evidence, strengthen your case, and ensure the liable party faces appropriate consequences.

Compensation you can receive from Dog Bite Injuries

Suffering a dog bite due to a careless dog sitter’s oversight entitles you to file for compensation for damages. The potential claims might encompass:

  • Medical costs: Dog bites might necessitate medical intervention, and this can lead to hefty bills. Victims should be reimbursed for these expenses.
  • Lost Wages: If injuries from a dog bite hinder victims from working, they should be compensated for any resultant loss in income.
  • Emotional distress: Experiencing a dog bite can be traumatic. Financial compensation for the mental agony endured is justified.

Your attorney can elaborate on possible claims, guiding you to a just settlement.

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