No Fault Defense

Our firm proudly specializes in the defense of no-fault benefits. Our use of cutting-edge technology and strategy to solve complicated problems makes us a leader in the practice of the defense of no-fault benefits, as well as a leader in the use of declaratory judgment actions having succeeded in over 500 of them. Our firm also specializes in examinations under oath and pre-trial depositions. One of the highest compliments that anyone ever paid to me was when a doctor at the end of an examination under oath told me: “I hope never to see you again”.Our attorneys know the intricacies of investigating and defending claims involving complicated subject areas including: manipulations under anesthesia, performance of unnecessary surgeries, causal relationship issues and complicated fee schedule issues. We have investigated many staged accident losses and medical clinics that are not on the up and up, and are aware of the red flags that call for an innovative and effective claims handling approach.Unlike many firms, we are not afraid of appealing adverse decisions, deposing difficult injured persons, examining under oath medical providers or trying difficult cases. Whether it is an arbitration, a bench trial or a two week jury trial in upstate New York, we always represent our clients zealously and effectively.  Our guiding principle is that we do the right thing for our clients, while not bursting our clients’ checkbooks – quality does not have to be costly.To obtain superior legal counsel for your No Fault claim, call today for a free consultation.