Why are beaches still open?March 23, 2020

The epidemiologists are telling us to socially distance. For the introverts among the readers, that is perhaps too easy. For others, it is clearly a challenge. At this moment, the statistics say “34,407” total cases. They also say “414” deaths. That skews at 1.5%. The experts tell us that 20-30 percent of survivors will suffer significant permanent lung damage.

Common notion is that this disease spreads easier than the common flu and the standard cold. This asks the next question – why would people, otherwise presumed sane and competent, expose themselves to such grave harm?

It also calls into question why an epidemic is being treated on a state level. When was the last war that was left to the individual sates to fight? That was the Civil War. It did not go too well.

How do we only have regional lock downs? How is that medically necessary? Without a collective game plan, we cannot move forward.

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