Handling a pandemicMarch 19, 2020

My friends in Miami-Dade apparently see no problem with the pendamic. While Courts in Palm Beach, Broward and Dade are closed, the streets from what I hear are lined with people and the beaches are occupied. It is as if nothing is wrong.

One of the things I like about our State is that we take things seriously. When there is a crime spree, a natural catastrophe or a pandemic, New Yorkers by and far handle these situations comparatively better than their out of state compatriots. One of the things we take for granted here is our education system.

I for one am not a fan of the tax burden in this state and most of you would agree. Perhaps is reeks of waste and inefficiency? I will leave that to better minds. But even at its worst, the children and teenagers who finish school within this state have a basic understanding of morality and common sense. When you live in a state (i) without a state income tax; (ii) pay teachers $40,000 a year; and (iii) have “countywide” school districts, the result is paragraph 1 supra.

While my first post in this series chided OCA for what I think are institutional inefficiencies in our court system, I truly believe that our populace is better suited to handle this disaster than many others.

I am told that as of tomorrow (3-20-20), 75% of each office must work from home. We will heed this advice and eventually the storm will pass. I finally must commend Dr. Fauci, a Geico no-fault attorney’s lost lost cousin, for the calmness he has brought to what are uncharted waters.

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