The new fee scheduleFebruary 15, 2019

New fee schedule

I am just giving the highlights here.

Regulatory impacted statement

“The Superintendent therefore, deems it necessary to delay for 18 months the adoption of the medical fee schedules that the Chair has prepared and established to take effect on April 1, 2019, and so those fee schedules will take effect on October 1, 2020 for use in no-fault pursuant to Insurance Law 5108.”

” However, this amendment to Insurance Regulation 83 will exclude certain workers’ compensation ground rules from the 18-month delay, to wit: General Ground Rule 10 in the Workers’ Compensation Chiropractic Fee Schedule, General Ground Rule 13 in the Workers’ Compensation Behavioral Health Fee Schedule, and General Ground Rule 16 in the Workers’ Compensation Podiatry Fee Schedule, which prohibit providers to whom these fee schedules apply from billing under current procedural terminology (“CPT”) codes not listed in their respective fee schedules; and General Ground Rule 19 in the Workers’ Compensation Medical Fee Schedule, which prohibits any chiropractor, podiatrist or provider of behavioral health services from billing under CPT codes in the medical fee schedule. Per the Chair, these rules are not new but clarification of existing rules; therefore, the Superintendent determined it was not necessary to delay their implementation”

“the Superintendent determined an additional 20% reimbursement increase solely for general medicine specialty providers of no-fault-related health services is unwarranted, and will not be adopted for use pursuant to Insurance Law Section 5108. “

Effective April, 2019, MUA’s that chiropractors perform are not reimbursable. This is a good change for all involved in the system. All other fee changes including the de-listing of surface EMGs and all of the names of which they are known and de-listing of the computerized range of motion and every corollary of which they are known come later.