Good hands people launched a less than laudable appealFebruary 24, 2018

Allstate Ins. Co. v Longevity Med. Supply, Inc., 2018 NY Slip Op 50238(U)(App. Term 1st Dept. 2018)

“There was a rational basis, based on the no-fault regulations, for the master arbitrator’s finding that respondent-medical provider’s proof was sufficient to establish that (1) it responded to the verification demands sent by petitioner, and (2) that petitioner was therefore required, but failed, to rebut the presumption of receipt of the verification, or show that it timely acted upon receipt by paying or denying the claim, or seeking further verification. The master arbitrator’s legal analysis of the arbitrator’s determination was well within the scope of her authority to review and correct an error of law made by the arbitrator”

I do not what the purpose of this appeal was except to maximize on hourly billing.  Perhaps i am missing something and need enlightenment.