An appeal that really went nowhereFebruary 8, 2018

Pro-Med Med., P.C. v MVAIC, 2018 NY Slip Op 50152(U)(App. Term 2d Dept, 2018)

I remember a certain attorney who worked at the within Plaintiff firm ([s]he will be nameless for purpose for anonymity) once told me a story about some MVAIC disaster case with an old default, tons of compounded interest and an exasperated defense attorney.  Prior counsel for MVAIC I think made an OSC that did not go anywhere.   Apparently, the new MVAIC defense firm believed that they could vacate this default.  Do pigs fly?  I would say MVAIC would want their money back, but the legal fees at whatever the hourly rate new counsel charged is nothing compared to the judgment amount.  Compound interest folks.

By the way, did anyone talk to the third named partner at 11 Grace Avenue in the Village of Great Neck to see if he would shave some money of the judgment before engaging in what I can tell was an insane OSC and  appeal?  And I mean insane: Crazy Eddy Style…  We all know what happened to Eddy Antar?

“Defendant’s motion was based upon allegations that it had first learned of the action in 2014 and first learned of the judgment in 2015, but those allegations were based neither on personal knowledge nor, apparently, on defendant’s records. Defendant’s claims manager alleged that defendant’s files had been scanned into a computer system in 2006 and implied that the documentation relevant to this claim had not been scanned. He specifically alleged that defendant “has no documentation whatsoever with which to evaluate this claim.” Thus, defendant has not demonstrated that it has a reasonable excuse for its default or a meritorious defense to the action.”

I guess now we seek leave to go the Appellate Division?  Why not… the clock is ticking

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