Was the femur broken in the accident?December 26, 2017

Peterson v Ward, 2017 NY Slip Op 09024 (4th Dept. 2017)

“We conclude, however, that there are material issues of fact whether plaintiff’s alleged injury, i.e., a fractured femur, was caused by the motor vehicle accident and thus that the court properly denied that part of plaintiffs’ motion on the issue of serious injury (see generally Derdiarian v Felix Contr. Corp., 51 NY2d 308, 315 [1980], rearg denied 52 NY2d 784 [1980]). Specifically, there is an issue of fact, among others, concerning whether plaintiff would be able to ambulate freely without assistance for a day and a half following the accident if she had sustained a fracture to her femur as a result of the collision.”

Interesting observation by the court and defense counsel.


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