Additional Verification non-receiptJuly 31, 2017

Daily Med. Equip. Distrib. Ctr., Inc. v Interboro Ins. Co., 2017 NY Slip Op 50958(U)(App. Term 2d Dept. 2017)

“In this action by a provider to recover assigned first-party no-fault benefits, plaintiff moved for summary judgment, and defendant cross-moved for summary judgment dismissing the complaint on the ground that the action was premature because defendant had timely and properly requested verification and the verification had not been provided to defendant. Insofar as is relevant to this appeal, the Civil Court denied defendant’s cross motion and found that the only remaining issue for trial was whether defendant had received the verification it had requested.

As defendant demonstrated that it had not received the requested verification, and plaintiff did not show that the verification had been provided to defendant prior to the commencement of the action, the 30-day period within which defendant was required to pay or deny the claims did not begin to run (see 11 NYCRR 65-3.5 [c]; 65-3.8 [a])”

The verification to be received was an affidavit of receipt of supplies from the EIP.  I am curious if the outcome would have changed had a delivery receipt -should it have existed – was annexed to the answering papers,

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