Zuppa sightingOctober 20, 2016

A few people I regularly talk to ask what happened to Zuppa.  I saw him in Central Islip today in District Court and he has confirmed to me that he is doing well.  His goatee has gone a little gray but he looks, talks and acts the same way.

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  1. TRUMP says:

    Sounds like Capt America is Making America Great Again

  2. By the way jason i usually do not get a ten dollar bill for my guitar playing outside the court.

    i want to thank you for the ten spot you dropped in my guitar case.

    people started throwing in quarters instead of the usual pennies after they saw that.

    what do you think of my rendition of feliz navidad.

    friggin court officers threw me out of the parking lot after you left.

    i had to play on carelton ave. i almost got shot by a member of ms-13.

    i called the scpd but they said they wouldn’t come: “its a dangerous neighborhood bud … i don’t get paid enough for that.”

    • jtlawadmin says:

      And of course, the client never cleared up his suspensions so we have to go back again in December. Am I the only one that represents VTL 511 defendants who promise to clear up their license and never do?

    • jtlawadmin says:

      One more thing. I am not representing people on 511’s on Long Island on flat fees anymore. I feel like it is a never ending circle-jerk. The city will give you a 511-a without clearing up the license. Suffolk will probably give you a 511.1, after some pleading. Nassau? I will pull out the remaining hair on my head.

  3. Zuppa is back just in time to take out the Trump and his fascist supporters!

  4. Stop vetting your comments Jason, let’s have some fun!

  5. Need to vent here for a moment. Looking at how the No-fault regs have been progressively amended over the years, the No-fault plaintiff’s bar, to the extent that it exists, is a joke and needs to be replaced.

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