Failure to comply with PA lawDecember 28, 2015

New Way Med. Supply Corp. v Infinity Group, 2015 NY Slip Op 51880(U)(App. Term 2d Dept. 2015)

“In Pennsylvania, in order for an insurance policy to be cancelled due to the nonpayment of premiums, the “notice of cancellation must be in strict accordance with the provisions of Act 68. An insurance policy may be cancelled by mailing to the named insured, at the address shown in the policy, a written notice of cancellation. If the notice sets forth a time period in which intervening action may negate the cancellation, the cancellation shall not become effective until the expiration of the time period” (Nationwide Ins. Co. v Pennsylvania Ins. Dept., 779 A2d 14, 17 [Pa Cmmw 2001]; see Donegal Mut. Ins. Co. v Pennsylvania Dept. of Ins., 694 A2d 391 [Pa Cmmw 1997]; see also 40 P.S. § 991.2006). Inasmuch as defendant failed to attach a copy of the insurance policy, or the declaration page of the policy, to its motion papers, it is impossible to determine whether the notice of cancellation was mailed to the insured “at the address shown in the policy” (40 P.S. § 991.2006). Consequently, defendant failed to establish as a matter of law that the insurance policy had been properly cancelled as of May 12, 2011 in accordance with [*2]Pennsylvania law and that, therefore, no coverage existed when the accident in question occurred on May 19, 2011.”

Does defense counsel have to refund the carrier when they make this type of mistake?

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  1. Rookie says:

    Probably not as this happens quite often