Amended cross-motion (no fee necessary)December 4, 2015

Rodriguez v 2526 Valentine LLC, 2015 NY Slip Op 08620 (2d Dept. 2015)

I thought that each application in Supreme Court required the paying of a filing fee.  Those $45 fees and the $95 RJI really do add up.  But this is New York: “death by 1000 cuts”  In the federal system, a civil case number is $400.  That is the only fee you pay.  In New York, we start the $210 index number, $95 RJI, $45 motion fee, $30 NOI fee, $ 65  Jury fee, $35 Stip of discon fee.

But here is a case where one of the 1000 cuts is being bandaged: “Contrary to Valentine’s argument, plaintiff was not required to pay an additional filing fee when she filed her amended cross motion (see CPLR 8020[a]).”

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