Renewal and reargument gets the job doneSeptember 17, 2013

One to One v. State Farm, Index #: 79955/10 (Civ. Ct. Bronx Co. 2013)(Gonzalez, JSC)

In the normal and ordinary course of business in no-fault Special Term, expediency sometimes substitutes for accuracy and due deliberation of motion decisions.   I get it.  If there are 100 motions that are being argued on a daily basis it is difficult to take the papers on submission and to fully read them.

In this instance, renewal and reargument and probably the best tools that are out there.  These motions are submitted and read.  One judge in an order admitted this in her order when granting reargument and granting my client summary judgment on an acupuncture fee schedule issue.  The caevat is that if you put garbage in, you will garbage out on a renewal and reargument motion.

Here is a great example of this on an 8 unit multiple provider reargument/renewal motion.