Payment after being told that carrier would not challenge additional verification response non-suits plaintffSeptember 10, 2013

Methodist Hospital v. American Transit Ins. Co., Index # 1631/13 (Sup. Ct. Nassau Co 2013)

Well, the hospital made $36,000.  However, the hospital (or its collections attorneys) was looking for an additional $7,200 in interest, $850 attorney fee and $500 in filing fees.  Yet, American Transit put a stop to that.

Here, the insurance carrier delayed the bill for letters of medical necessity, MRI films and color photos.  Plaintiff following commencement of the lawsuit stated that this material was not within its custody and control and sent a letter to this effect.  Within 10 days, the bill was paid in full.  Case dismissed and the hospital had to cry having only recovered $36,087.25.  Good job to counsel for defendant.

Plaintiff represented by: Joseph Henig, P.C.

Defendant represented by: Law Offices of James F. Sullivan, P.C.

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