Staged accident and non-payments of premiumsJune 8, 2012

21st Century Advantage Ins. Co. v Cabral

Look, 21st Century did their homework.  Someone admitted to defrauding the insurance companies.  Yet, Mr. All Boro, a distant relative of of Mr. Five Boro felt the need to put in gratuitous opposition to the preliminary injunction motion.  As such, more paper and judicial resources were were wasted on a case that has no value.  More can be said, but I will leave it that.

On a more serious note, it seems that a lot of companies are binding contracts over the internet without performing any due diligence.   Perhaps the ability to cancel policies based upon non-payment needs to be amended to allow retroactive rescission.    This will at least mandate that some payment is made before the insurance companies have to investigate these types of incidents.

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  1. Larry Rogak says:

    But what about the poor innocent victims and their poor innocent lawyers?