Mr. Five Boro took another dive – this time with the sharksMay 31, 2012

Mr. Five Boro took at dive in the IME no-show DJ matter of American Transit Ins. Co. v. Beltre, under Bronx Co. Index #: 310468/11 (Sup. Ct. Bronx Co. 2012 [Suarez, J.S.C.])

7 Responses

  1. Larry Rogak says:

    Anonymous is right. In boxing terms, 5 Boro did not “take a dive.” The case “went to the cards.”

  2. raymond zuppa says:

    I know a little bit about the background. Mr. 5 Boro isn’t really the provider although it involves the provider. It’s really a comment about lawyering. I think that J.T. may be intimating that the particular lawyer is performing so poorly he may in fact be taking a “dive.”

    Sorry to correct you Larry but I’m seeing knockouts here.

  3. Anonymous says:

    ray, you must be mistaken because otherwise the headline would mean that “the litigant’s attorney performed so poorly that s/he effectively lost intentionally with the sharks.” the “this time with the sharks” part does not fit.

  4. ray zuppa says:

    Dear Anon

    My whole life is a mistake. I could certainly be mistaken here.

    The Zuppa

    P.S. I should have went into dermatology like I planned. Dispensing zit cream was my first and best destiny.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dear The Zuppa,

    If one may have more than one “destiny” it is not a “destiny” at all.


  6. ray zuppa a.ka. Captain America says:

    Tell that to Spock. I was quoting him from The Wrath of Khan. Remember when he tells Kirk that “being a Star Ship Captain was his first and best destiny.” At this point Kirk is an admiral tied to his earthbound desk duties.

    Earlier McCoy tells Kirk to give up being an admiral and go back to being a Star Ship Captain before “you really do become old.”

    When Kirk meets his son’s mother for the first time in some 20 years he tells her he feels “old and worn out.”

    But Kirk still refuses to “believe in the no win situation” and reveals that he beat the computer simulation presenting such at Star Fleet Academy by hacking into the computer and changing the program.

    He then proceeds to use his communicator to contact Spock and have the whole party beamed up from the interior of the asteroid. The Enterprise is supposed to be out of action but it only appeared that way because Spock and Kirk were speaking in code to fool Khan.

    A great battle ensues wherein Kirk faces another so called no win situation. Spock sacrifices his life so that Kirk can once again save the day.

    “Jim you have been and always will be my friend. Live long and prosper.”

    When Scotty hits the bag pipes at the funeral I am already deep in tears

    What a movie.