Acupuncture fee schedule defense upheldMay 16, 2012

Raz Acupuncture, P.C. v New S. Ins. Co., 2012 NY Slip Op 50865(U)

“The affidavits submitted by defendant in support of its cross motion for summary judgment established that defendant had timely denied (see St. Vincent’s Hosp. of Richmond v Government Empls. Ins. Co., 50 AD3d 1123 [2008]; Delta Diagnostic Radiology, P.C. v Chubb Group of Ins., 17 Misc 3d 16 [App Term, 2d & 11th Jud Dists 2007]) plaintiff’s claims on the ground that the unpaid portion exceeded the amount permitted by the workers’ compensation fee schedule. Moreover, defendant demonstrated that it had fully paid plaintiff for the services in accordance with the workers’ compensation fee schedule.”

Another great appeal.  Mr. Five Boro would be proud.

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