MVAIC failed to disprove that the accident was the cause of the injuriesApril 8, 2012

Five Boro Psychological Servs., P.C. v MVAIC, 2012 NY Slip Op 50578(U)(App. Term 2d Dept. 2012)

“MVAIC contends that there is an issue of fact as to whether plaintiff’s assignor’s injuries were the result of a motor vehicle accident. MVAIC’s sole proof in support of its contention consisted of an uncertified copy of a police report, which merely recorded a hearsay statement. Contrary to MVAIC’s contention, this showing was insufficient to demonstrate the existence of a triable issue of fact…(cf. Matter of Manhattan & Bronx Surface Tr. Operating Auth. (Gholson), 71 AD2d 1004 [1979]).”

The first sentence from the above passage, along with the cite to Gohlson, leads me to believe that the hearsay statement consisted of a witness saying that the motor vehicle was not the proximate cause of the injuries, taking this case out of the realm of no-fault.  Since this hearsay statement was not (1) an admission, (2) a police officer’s observation, or (3) pedigree information that the police officer took , the record needed to be certified in order to contain admissible evidence, sufficient to withstand a summary judgment motion.

This was not done, and another loss scored against MVAIC

Five Boro Psychological Servs., P.C. v MVAIC

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