Oh PearlJanuary 17, 2012

Grant v United Pavers Co., Inc., 2012 NY Slip Op 00239 (1st Dept. 2012)

Although plaintiff’s physicians did not expressly address defendants’ expert’s conclusion that the injuries were degenerative in origin, by relying on the same MRI report as defendants’ expert, and attributing plaintiff’s injuries to a different, yet equally plausible cause, plaintiffs raised a triable issue of fact (see Lee Yuen v Arka Memory Cab Corp., 80 AD3d 481, 482 [2011]; Linton v Nawaz, 62 AD3d 434, 440 [2009], affd 14 NY3d 821 [2010]). Although “[a] factfinder could of course reject this opinion” (Perl v Meher, __ NY3d __, 2011 NY Slip Op 08452 [2011]), we cannot say on this record, as a matter of law, that plaintiff’s injuries had no causal connection to the accident.”

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