A plain disasterMay 29, 2009

A.M. Med. Servs., P.C. v GEICO Ins. Co.
2009 NY Slip Op 51029(U)(App. Term 2d Dept. 2009)

Simply put, you have to read this case. It looks to be a real disaster. Three points of law seem to come from this case.

First, if you have an order that conditionally dismisses or precludes a party should an EBT not be performed on or before a certain date, the party wishing to give effect to that order needs to follow the Appellate Term’s Fogel decision. Yes Fogel.

The Appellate Term has previously applied Fogel, in a 5102(d) action, when it denied an EBT dismissal motion on the basis that the Defendant failed to offer evidence from someone with personal knowledge that EBT was attempted to be scheduled and did not occur. It is the same principle here or even in EUO cases. You need to obtain an affidavit from someone with personal knowledge that the EUO did not occur. This could be from a calendar clerk or attorney, provided the right foundation is laid in the affidavit or affirmation. That was probably missing in this case.

Second, late papers will be accepted provided there is no prejudice. The effect of this is self explanatory.

Third, Golia’s dissent is priceless and explains why we now have a different crop of attorneys (on both sides) fighting the appellate wars. I will leave it at that.